Birthday- Miss You Pack

Birthday- Miss You Pack – 500gh Qty
Boss Baker Cake Family Size 170g 3
Isabel Santa Sparkling Wine 750ml 1
Golden Tree Kings Bite Chocolate 50g 3
Crunch Time Popcorn Sweet 30g 3
Kalyppo multi fruit 250ml 6
Mcvities Digestive Biscuit Original 250g 1
Special Drinks 16
Hollandia Yoghurt Strawberry 180ml 6
Pringles Potato Chips 40g 2
Merba Chocolate Chips Cookies 240g 3
McBerry Bourbon Cream 70g 12
Boss Baker Cake Original 10
OMEGA Plantain Chips Honey Coated With Peanuts 5g 5
Chopbox Birthday Card (Customized Message) 1
Birthday- Miss You Pack

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