Chopbox Cares is a charity initiative that supports under privileged school children all over Ghana.
Our goal is to be able to supplement the fundamental educational needs of students from every inch of Ghana.

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Chopbox Cares believes in equal education for all children. Children in impoverished communities have very little access and opportunity to receive a quality education. There is a general lack of proper infrastructure to provide quality education. Often, resources like textbooks and stationery are absent and entire school systems are understaffed.

This lack of education increases the risk of young people being involved in drugs, gangs, and premature parenthood. The children leave school without having acquired the basics which greatly impedes their personal growth and consequently the social and economic development of the country.

When education is poor or absent, children inevitably get caught up in a vicious cycle of poverty. This Charity aims to give these young ones hope for a better future – a chance to grow healthily and learn while creating lasting opportunities for them in their villages and towns.

Over the next four years, The Chopbox Cares will partner with churches, banks, foundations, NGOs, and individuals who are willing to offer their support. This will facilitate the renovation of dilapidated school buildings and the provision of school materials, teaching aids, reading materials, and adequate, nutritious food. 

We believe that education gives one a solid foundation for a better future. No child seeking to learn should be turned away. Our primary goal is to provide children with quality education and help them remain in school so that they can eventually become self-reliant adults, breaking the cycle of generational poverty in their families.

Access to good drinking water, a decent meal, stationary, remote care, desks, better teachers, renovated buildings, the basic things every students should have is what we aim to provide. These are why chop cares.

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