The Chopbox Story…

Chop Box is a hybrid of e-commerce and fintech, the first of its kind in Africa. As a service, we seek to solve the problems that boarding school students face, namely groceries, goods, books, internet access, E-learning, in an affordable and convenient way, using cutting edge technology.

The term “Chop Box” has been synonymous with boarding students for over 100 years. It is the only way for students to carry their supplies to school. The inconvenience of having to carry a box to school on a bus and having parents drive several hours to drop off the groceries was the reason for the creation of Chop Box.

As a service that focuses on students and parents, we pride ourselves in providing a quality service to all students in terms of e-learning and supplies. These are just a few of the issues we seek to address.

In Ghana, 91% of children are enrolled in primary school and only about 16% graduate from university, according to USAID data.

To help increase the rate of higher education graduates, Chop Box created Focus, an online distance learning platform.

Focus is a platform that partners with existing online platforms to help students in these markets access affordable and convenient online education. With Focus, students who don’t have the privilege of travelling abroad to get a better education can get it remotely, in the comfort of their own home and at an affordable price.

Chop Box and its Focus service, gives you access, through our partners, to thousands of courses from the best universities in the world through privileged access to complete your education and be more competitive in the Ghanaian job market. Focus is helping to fill the education gap in Ghana.

Our vision is to build the most affordable and convenient service in Africa for all students. Our mission is to provide exceptional service and a variety of products to students in Ghana, West Africa and Africa.

We believe in equal opportunities for all, with a fun and easy working environment where men and women share an equal voice and receive equal pay for doing equal work, while hiring new graduates to help bridge the unemployment gap among young higher education graduates.

We provide assistance to less fortunate students in the form of better school facilities, books, teachers, desks, and more through our Chop Box cares Initiative.

Chop Box and its partner operator are providing students with quality internet service. The project also aims to provide all teachers and students within the 275 constituencies in Ghana with functional laptops, cellphones and tablets to enable them to teach, study and train in the best conditions.

Through this initiative, Chop Box is positioning itself as an agent of change, as the education system currently faces a myriad of problems, including a lack of computers and other adequate ICT tools, especially in rural schools, which are faced with poor internet connections and insufficient manpower. Chop Box and its partner operator aim to create a replicable low-cost ICT hub model in underserved communities that can then be used throughout Ghana.

Our service includes a wallet that makes shopping more convenient for students. We also offer quick purchase options, USSD purchases, Android and iOS apps, and a logistics services that makes its customers its top priority. Here at Chop Box, we provide a convenient service.

The Chopbox Vision and Mission

Chop Box is an affordable and convenient one-stop shop for everything a student needs on campus at the comfort of the students and parents. We aim to make your lives easier, by doing all the heavy lifting for you to save time and money. Chop Box is the first of its kind in Ghana and very soon across Africa, providing 100% authentic products with quality service.

Vision: To build an affordable convenient service the looks to solve systemic problems to schools across Africa in health care, E-learning monitoring, and grocery/provisions.

Mission: To provide an affordable convenient service.

How does Chop Box work?

It’s simple – we deliver all your daily needs straight to you on campus. Choose from the products on our site at unbeatable prices. The best part? Receive your order within 72 hours. Through a short code, website, or app, orders are placed from sunday to a cut off time on thursday at noon. This allows room for fulfillment and deliveries over the weekends!

Where Does Chopbox deliver?

Check if Chopbox is already in your area here! If not, we will be soon!

We are hiring new talent

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