According to USAID data, 91% of children in Ghana are enrolled in primary school, but only 16% of them go on to graduate from university. To address this issue, Chop Box created Focus, an online distance learning platform.

Focus partners with leading online platforms to provide students with access to affordable and convenient online education. This means that students who can’t travel abroad for a better education can now access it from the comfort of their own homes at an affordable price.

With Chop Box and Focus, students have privileged access to thousands of courses from the best universities in the world. Our aim is to bridge the education gap in Ghana and help students be more competitive in the job market.

At Chop Box, we believe in equal opportunities for everyone. Our company culture values diversity and equality, with equal pay for equal work and a commitment to hiring new graduates to tackle youth unemployment.

Our Chop Box Cares Initiative is dedicated to providing support to less fortunate students by improving school facilities, supplying books, teachers, desks, and more.

Chop Box and its partner operator are working to provide students with quality internet service, as well as functional laptops, cellphones, and tablets for teachers and students across all 275 constituencies in Ghana. Our goal is to create a low-cost ICT hub model in underserved communities that can be replicated throughout Ghana.

To make shopping more convenient for students, Chop Box offers a wallet as part of our service. Additionally, we have quick purchase options, USSD, Android and iOS apps, and a logistics service that puts our customers first. At Chop Box, we strive to provide a convenient and reliable service for all students.

Chop Box’s vision is to revolutionize the student experience by addressing systemic issues in health care, e-learning, and grocery/provisions in schools across Africa. Our mission is to simplify the student life through an affordable and convenient one-stop shop that provides quality products and services. Our goal is to make student life easier by delivering a seamless experience that saves time and money, while promoting well-being and academic success.

How does Chop Box work?

Chop Box simplifies campus life by providing fast and convenient delivery of all your daily needs. Shop our wide range of products at competitive prices and receive your order in just 72 hours. You can place your order through our short code, website, or app, with orders accepted from Sunday to a Thursday noon cutoff. This allows us to fulfill and deliver your order over the weekend.


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